What Is Android? How Android Came into Existence

Android is a Linux based device operating system created by the open handset alliance. Android is utilized in tablet and Smartphone computers. Android is available source i.e. its attributes can be expand to integrate new technologies as they emerge.

Open handset alliance publicly declared their first item, android, a mobile device platform constructed on a Linux kernel version 2.6.

Android supplies a wide spectrum of solutions and programs. Users can customize their phones. Has been launch on 22 that the HTC dream October 2008.

Here are a few characteristics of android operating system:

  • Design: the design is principally base on VGA, 2d graphics library and 3d graphics library based on openly ES 2.0.
  • Storage: To information storage, sq liter is utilized.
  • Multi lingual service: it supports multiple languages.
  • Messaging: android supports SMS and mms such as threaded text cloud and messaging into device messaging (c2dm).
  • Internet browser: this is principally depending on the open-source web kit design engine and chrome’s v8 JavaScript engine optimization.
  • Java service: most of those programs are composed in java, but they operate on DALVIK, a specialized machine for android. Mpeg-4 sp
  • Hardware service : it may support broad selection of hardwires such as touch screens, cameras, GPS, accelerometers magnetometers, barometers, devoted gaming controls, pressure and proximity detectors hastened 2d little rapid 3d graphics and blitz. It had been disable in the kernel level. An update was publishing by Google, which empowers.
  • External support: today the vast majority of android apparatus may see card and support slot program files.

After knowing about Android, you can download your very first app named: UC Browser, which provides the users with local content and the services like cricket, videos, etc. on the navigation. The special navigation icons can also be placed on the home screen so that you can open the specific pages quickly.