Top Gadgets Of The Year

Philips Soundbar

Into the future integrated multifunctional devices will be a lifestyle. The next generation will probably be quite scandalized to see that we used to purchase electronics separately. They’ll refer to different amplifiers, source players, receivers, preamps and speakers as a tiny joke. If you wish to get a glimpse into this 1 part experience then the Philips audio bar is a great start. This might not be a purist’s dream but for others, the single piece sound bar and integrated amp and DVD player is serious sound gear soundbars india

Just when everyone was sure that the conventional background PC was dead, HP pulled a rabbit from the hat. This magical little box has a fabulously remote controller; great notes and calendar software for the entire family can perform voice memos and plays music and movies like a winner. The desktop PC is dead; long live the new desktop computer.

Projectors aren’t my favourite category gadgets till I saw the picture and image on the Epson TW100. That is where eye-popping visuals match and style of the projector are much better than anything else in the marketplace and this is also the only one which can offer you a 100 foot high definition image in only 10 feet throw.

It is built on the older but still very aggressive Core Duo Platform, 512 MB system memory and 60GB storage area. Its LCD panel is a 15.4 inch screen with a native resolution of 1280X800 and is a transflective display.