Repair Hard Drive Technology – Sometimes Its Not What it Seems

To repair hard disk technology you should have part step-by-step logic and part instinct. In this guide, we’re going to explore an issue that misleads many due to the message it displays. The error points to a faulty hard disk but it’s really something else.

The BIOS isn’t installed.” Because your computer was working up to this time, you might say that the hard disk has died. After all of the computer states that no drive is connected but you know that the drive is connected since it was working before Data Recovery.

In this specific scenario, there is one clue to the origin of the problem. The mention of this FastTrak controller is the hint. The probability that you have a RAID configuration is reduced in this situation. I say this due to the second hint: This BIOS isn’t installed message. This tells me that the BIOS for RAID devices hasn’t yet been installed so you’ve got a simple IDE or SATA configuration.

Finally, the issue exists because you’ve got no RAID drives plugged into your motherboard but your system installation has the RAID controller enabled. Every now and then an issue will surface like this one which will mislead the start computer owner. Hopefully, articles such as this one and others will direct you down the road to your preferred solution.