How to Play World of Warcraft With Ventrilo

Blizzard does not host Ventrilo’s servers; it is your responsibility to find your own hosting solution. As soon as you’ve got a host to connect to, you will have the ability to speak directly with your gamer friends over the computer! This is quite valuable for Raids, cases, in addition to PvP. Forget chatting with a computer keyboard; it is time to contact people on an entirely new level.

What You Want to Get Started:


Or rather a headset. You want some method of getting sound on your computer so as to hear other people attempting to speak with you, duh. Most probably you already speakers since otherwise you would be not able to hear any World of Warcraft sounds.

A Microphone

Most desktop computers come standard with a cheap standalone mic. However, the quality is most likely quite poor and friends and family may have trouble hearing you clearly. This sort of mic also suffers from plenty of background noise, so, your friends are more likely to listen to your ceiling fan than you! A simple solution is to get a headset with some type of noise canceling; this is going to get rid of the majority of the background sound. Headsets are essentially a pair of headphones with a mic connected to the side, they are quite cheap too. They make a wonderful investment if you’re seriously contemplating using Ventrilo.

The Program itself

Ventrilo can be found on the internet via a simple Google search and works on many operating systems, Windows and Mac included.

A Server

You’ll require a server running Ventrilo so as to connect to Ventrilo and begin chatting with your buddies online. There are lots of affording hosting solutions available. If you already have the IP address of a server, then there isn’t any need to purchase one of your own, just enter the IP address in Ventrilo, create a username and enter a password (if needed ) and you’re ready to go!

There are just a few steps necessary to use Ventrilo while enjoying warcraft. First, you want to have the required components outlined above. Be certain that you enter Ventrilo’s installation and check whether the default setting is fine and it is running without any issues. When that is set-up, all you’ve got to do is press that key and your buddies will be able to listen to you! If you’re running Windows 7 it is a fantastic idea to right-click Ventrilo and’run as administrator’ in order to make certain that key-binds function while Ventrilo is operating in the background. Then just start up World of Warcraft and you are ready to go wow private servers!