5 Changes Facebook Should Make

For people who have shunned Facebook, then there are a few particular reasons why they don’t utilize it. What if Facebook change to be able to keep its customers contented?


In spite of all the privacy settings, there’s still a great deal of information which may be retrieved. That can be because Facebook sets default option settings allowing nearly everyone to realize your data, then you’ve got to modify the settings manually. Privacy is among the biggest worries of Facebook users, and it’s been Facebook’s largest challenge.

2. Reduce The Mini-Timeline

At the upper right of your FB home page, you will observe there is a deadline of what your buddies do. Facebook believes this the more significant timeline rather than the overall one which you view on the front page. Should Facebook actually use two timelines in 1 website? Is that actually needed?

3. Control Spam

Because of privacy preferences that may or might not be true, it’s simple for people to hack accounts and spread spam ads. It is not difficult to see when your buddy sends you an advertisement for a new cellphone, and you understand that your buddies do not even use Apple products.


Facebook now will show you that your planned buddies connection to you is. But what should your other buddies just confirmed the connection since they believed you knew this individual? It might turn out your buddies are friends with somebody that nobody understands. This may be a risky situation, but you’re lulled into a false sense of safety due to assumed connections.


The matches are a excellent attribute for Facebook, but it can get frustrating once you’re playing a match and it slows down since so many men and women are playing you, or when you’ve got several games going on at precisely the exact same moment. Facebook should start looking into how they could accelerate game loading times in order that consumers continue to perform those matches.

Facebook will constantly have people who are loyal customers how to hack facebook accounts. Whether it’s for business, pleasure or just somewhere to play games, then the social networking giant will play a part in our own lives.