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Finer Values For The Best Characteristics In Animation Marketing


Finer Values For The Best Characteristics In Animation Marketing

According to the research of the American company Pixability, which specializes in marketing projects on YouTube video hosting, the majority of successful brands owe their popularity to the constant placement and updating of video content, which ensures an increase in the number of views received.

Video marketing in the service of conversion

The study of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns of the Top 100 global brands that are included in the list of the best companies of 2012 according to the consulting firm Interbrand, specializing in brand development, showed that video content of upper quartile companies (above it is 25% of the values of an ordered sample) receives on average 50 % more views than lower quartile materials.


Despite the fact that the placement of video materials is strongly correlated with the number of videos viewed, the presence of a huge number of channels on YouTube is not at all a guarantee of the company’s success. Tracking scored views and the number of subscribers, constant optimization of the channel structure and regular updates of video content require considerable expenses and time. For example, the aforementioned 100 companies in the period from 2006 to 2012 spent $ 4,300,000,000,000 on the creation and optimization of video content. For the custom characters this is the best deal.

56 analyzed brands have more than 10 channels on video hosting – about 37% of their total number have not been updated over the past 120 days; 50% of the channels of 17 companies are completely inactive.

Average number of views

  • More than 50% of marketing videos posted by companies have not scored 1000 views.
  • Only 1% of the video content of the top 100 global brands has more than 1,000,000,000 views.
  • Average number of views

Long shelf life

Updates on Facebook remain in the news feed for the first 22 hours from the date of publication, while the video on YouTube is much longer active.

According to the survey, 40% of the total views of the average video are provided during the first 3 weeks, the next 30% – between the 4th and 12th week from the date of publication, the remaining 30% – between 12 and 52 weeks.

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