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Finer Opportunities For The Best Marketing Techniques


Finer Opportunities for the Best Marketing Techniques

With every project, large or small, we immerse ourselves completely in the customer. We have strategic sessions and brainstorming sessions to hit the right note. The better we know the customer, the better the product. This is reflected in the message, tone of voice, design, and execution.

Make animation video

Our relationships make animations with us because we are able to make fascinating videos of everyday, boring subjects. Having an animated video makes you the ideal way to make complicated ideas easy for both professionals and private individuals. Animation videos can also be used to present research material in a dynamic way or for selling products or services. You make people think. You make people laugh. You tell a story.

Having an animated video will keep your company in the memory of your customer. It is a strong way to get the attention of your target group. The use of humor and the right style helps to convey your message in a fun and effective way. For the unique marketing approach, this is a very important matter now.

Increase visibility with an animated video

An animation video for your company has several advantages. You can tell the story behind your company, describe your company culture and demonstrate what distinguishes your company from the competitor. You want a company video that beautifully portrays your company so that you can show it to your customers. No matter what you want to do with an animated video, a professionally made animated video is what you need to create a maximum impact.

If you are looking for a lot of attention for your brand, product or service, please contact us. Our people of communication and design understand all your wishes and requirements and process this into a fantastic animation video, which communicates your proposition in a simple, manageable way.

Make an animation video?

To make animation video: Method

That’s how we work.

We work for every animation video using a fixed method. This method has been optimized for the best turnaround time, quality and customer involvement. First of all, we discuss, in consultation with the customer, the wishes and requirements that the animation video must meet. From this comes a checklist with information that we take with us in creating a storyboard and shortlist. Once the storyboard has been agreed, animate can begin. The first delivery follows as soon as the video contains all necessary content and the storyboard has been realized. Often it appears from the first delivery that some elements are less well unpacked than expected. This feedback is processed in response to the 2nd, and in principle last, feedback moment.

Research and script

This is the first step in our process and lays the foundation for the animation video. We start with a session in which we set objectives, wishes, and requirements. Based on this conversation, our copywriter goes to work with the script. The script contains every part of the animated video with a detailed explanation and description of assets. This will be sent to you for approval. We always work with two revision rounds.


We have a large network of voice-over artists, both men, and women, who speak the script in (almost) every language and in a professional studio. We give a selection of 2-3 votes per project based on the requirements of the project. The final voice-over can be sent digitally within 4 days.


Using the script and the voice-over, we develop the assets for the animated video. These assets contain all elements of the animated video: characters, buildings, icons, and other visual elements. This gives you a good idea of the look and feel of the final animation video. We generally take 5-7 working days to deliver the first version of the visual elaboration and work with two revisions.


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